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DIY Toolkits

Let's have coffee! Virtually. I made some DIY toolkits, for the price of a coffee, well a mocha. You don't need me, you can DIY. All my hot tips are here, just for you. enjoy :)

SuperSimone365 was created for you! A one stop shop of tools and resources and all the fun stuff in between.

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Change the way you order

365cups are the leaders in mobile ordering, offering iPhone, Android and web Apps for the hospitality market.

Place your menu on our system. Open your virtual store. Let your customers, order, pickup (or dine in) and GO! Straight from their smartphone!



Working Spaces HQ is all about fostering entrepreneurship and economic development in the Wagga Wagga region through the provision of a co-working space.

Working Spaces HQ is a smart business with heart.

We are in the business of hiring space, hosting networking events and professional development programs to ensure our members get the leg-up they need.

Bigger and BETTER with Di and Hubb Hubb

PiiQQA (6).pn

Can I pick your brain?

PiiQQA is where questions and answer meet. A platform that removes barriers so you can pick the brains of an expert and get a gauranteed response, because you have paid a fee.

Nothing awkward, no 17 emails, no need for coffee catchups, even better you will get a guaranteed response. BUT this isn’t about “experts” making more money [humph] it is about the value of time. Simple and transparent, for both parties!


  • Lets get digital

  • Keynotes

  • Consulting

  • Workshops

  • Masterclasses

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Simone Speak // The areas covered are broad but can be tailored to specific themes. In the last 12 months, Simone has spoken at over 20 events, from the CBA Pop Up Innovation Lab to most recently the Kununurra Economic Development Forum. Simone has delivered over 40 workshops and works closely with LGAs in delivering her signature Lets Get Digital Workshop.

Simone was great in capturing the audience and providing them with a “real” story. One that shared the tough times she experienced in her journey as well as the triumphs. She highlighted the lone nut analogy which I loved showing that whilst you can be that lone nut with an amazing idea, it takes the followers/supporters to make it happen.

 - Kylie Englehart CBA Innovation Lab Manager

From Digital Strategy, Marketing, Social Media, PR, startups, small business, the advantage of regional even some tech - these workshops are hands on and can be tailored to beginners or advance skills. The power of these digital tools and skills is to get them to work for you and help serve your clients and/or customer locally and globally. 

Everything Simone does is around her "Why" Simone is here to show you how to make technology, digital, social work for YOU!

No talk fests! this is hands on, result driven + a lot of fun!




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